White House 3D Tour

This model represents the white house in 2008.

This is the south where the president’s helicopter lands.

Diplomats arrive at the south portico to be received in the diplomatic reception room on the ground floor.

The east garden was dedicated to Jacklen Kennedy by Lady Bird Johnson.

On the first floor here is the large ball room called the east room and

on the second floor corner closer to us is the Lincoln bedroom suite at the other corner

is the so called queen’s bedroom named for all the guests who have stayed there.

The modern east wing was built in 1942 by Franklin Roosevelt it mainly has the social offices including the first ladies office.

The east wing was originally built for formal guest entrance by Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 and

the modern version continues to be the entrance for public visitors and social event guests.

Between the east wing and the residence is the family’s theatre where the president watches movies and practices speeches.

The north side of the white house faces Pennsylvania Avenue.

The north Portico is the entrance of the most honored guests of the white house.

Here you can clearly see the ground floor and the first floor and the second floor and

the smaller third floor of the white house. The white courts allow white into the ground floor and

also some of the basement floors built under the lawn.

Between the residence and the west wing are the press core offices press briefing room which is built on top of the indoor swimming pool.

The modern west wing is built by FDR in 1935 this is where the president and

his seniors staff do their work more executive branch staff have offices in the Isis Howard executive offices next door.

On the west side and entrance directly into the ground floor of the west wing here are more offices

as well as the Navy west restaurant and the situation room. The terraces of the south side are directly against the Navy west and

the situation room. George W Bush expanded and modernized the situation room in 2007.

The outdoor pool was installed by Gerald Ford after Richard Dixon covered the indoor pool to create the press briefing room.

The oval office sits at the south west corner of the modern west wing this is where

the president does more of his work but he also has a small study next to it which is more private.

The rose garden is where the president often holds press conferences in good weather.

The true men balcony was made in 1948 by Harry True men notice the door that looks like a window.

This is the view of the south lawn from the true men balcony.

The putting green has been used by many presidents Ryan Houser created one right next to the oval office.

President Clinton had this one created on the other side of the driveway.

There has been a tennis court on the white house since 1902 when Theodore Roosevelt had one built on the side of the west wing side.

The modern tennis court is adjacent to the maintance building on the south lawn.

The children’s garden was created by lady bird Johnson it features semantic impressions of several presidential children and

grandchildren. Just west of the children’s garden the outdoor basketball courts.

From this angle you can see the elements of the south lawn relationship to another.

Here you can see the east gate which is the gate used by most regular visitors by the white house.

The visitor’s center is where public visitors of the white house go in first security screening.

Here you can see the third floor of the white house with the solariums’ sticking out over the south portico.

This layout of the house was created by Peter Sharkey hosted by white house museum.org I’m Derek Jensen.