Paris Hilton- shows her HUGE Closet!


Hi I’m Parris Hilton and you’re here for the fit on MySpace.

Let’s go check out my shoe closet first. So welcome to my shoe closet as you can tell I really love shoes.

Like all girls do but I have an obsession like that.

I actually have my own shoe line.

And one of my favorite pairs from my line are these pink ones there like a black jewel this look good day or night.

This is another favorite pair of mine. It’s the purple bow shoe.

One of my friend Ava lavin just wore these for a charity even Ims inside there’s a pink heart cushion

so they are very comfortable to wear. Shooting my BFF show

I wear them all the time or just for donation ceremonies that’s where I were the big cathedral long dresses

I wore these to the play boy mansion cuz f always has them its summer night dream party and lingerie.

These are really beautiful loony Betan tans sparkle and they look very elegant.

I just wore them can to glorious master premiers teraationous movie awesome film.

These are like the new YSL shoes and they are actually designed after the Iphone towers.

I just love them they are in all the adds they are very comfortable I always get a lot of compliments when I wear these.

These are my sunglasses I have a lot as you can see.

Some are actually samples of my new line that’s going to come out in a couple months.

A lot of the time I give a lot of things away for charity because I have so many things

and a lot of things sent to me and I have way too much. And its great to give it to charity or auction.

And they auction can often make money to charities such as Interface. Which is the charity I’m involved in,

where they help people all around the world also with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, and aids.

This is my fun jewelry all my belly button rings, because I have my belly button pierced.

Laugh I have a line called lean and blessed so a lot of this is from my line. Yeah I love joy.

Now let’s go check out my real closet…


So this is my real closet my real closet my real closet…

All my cloths, my purses, and this is actually an award I just won for celebrity fragrance of the year.

The fifi awards which are the Oscars of the fragrance awards. Ferry Dust which is out right now

then I have a new fragrance which is coming out next month.

I love Thinker bell that’s why I was inspired of doing ferry tusk I’m obsessed with all the Disney characters.

I love sisi and the cloths something I designed for my line this is a really pretty gold sun dress.

I was on “My name Is Earl” as a guest star and I did a scene in the kitchen rows cooking so I thought this was a fun cooking dress.

I love hearts and its sequence so I use that a lot everything.

And this kind a print sequence we make this from the top and in a dress this is what I wore on simple life.

My friend has a line called secret circus by Allan Miscous.

My style changes all the time. I never really pick one look.

I think every year I just grow differently in the way I dress.

A lot this year I’ve been wearing a lot of Catora I love Ann Gora and Roberto

and Dulce Cabbana I’ve been wearing a lot of those dresses lately.

All my gloves I’m obsessed with Madonna and the 80’s she used to always wear gloves.

Tights and more tights, more tights ok I have four drawers full of tights.

This is prince Baby Bear my boyfriend bought him when we were in Tokyo he was probably smaller than this.

So he has grown a lot I have six dogs Tinker Bell, Prince baby Bear,

Dolce, Prada, here is a good B**** Marylin Manroe.

I love MySpace I think its so much fun to go on I could really keep my fans informed of

what I’m doing also really great just to blog because there are so many rumors out there it’s ridiculous.

You know I don’t have time to clear up every single rumor or else I would probably be there all day doing it.

But sometimes there are things that do happen I could just go there and tell my fans the true.

Thank you MySpace for coming and checking out my closets hope you guys got to see it and checked out my style

and products and fun and my real MySpace is MySpace.-Paris Hilton so check me out and see you guys later love you.