Kate Middleton's Extreme Diet

Okay of the two billion people out there who watched the royal wedding is there.

Anyone who wasn’t looking at the princess’s waist line?

Didn’t think so. Kate’s Middleton’s weight has been such a hot topic as her fashion choices.

And now we are hearing the real skinny on her diets.

A royal insider confirms the princesses pre wedding weight lost magazine.

She was remained time again by image experts and camera adds ten pounds.

So naturally she started watching her weight before the wedding.

She cut down all crabs and she just had all this nervous energy and she was burning calories all the time.

She reportedly did her own version of the 2 step Dukan carb diet to help her loose the undisclosed number of Al by’s.

And to maintain her spout frame this is what the princess reported she eat: fruit, nuts, cheese, and vegetarian fried beans.

And the whole grain pasta soups and salads are stapled and she avoids processed packaged foods.

She also drinks tons of water with lemon to detoxifying properties.

But Kate does have one down fall gummy bears she adds this is her weakness she treats herself once a month.

As for the critics that are weighing her down the insider tells the mag that it’s so frustrating to her that everyone is talking about her weight.

Everyone is trying to make her have an eating disorder Kate just wish people would just back off and stop making a scandal where there isn’t one.

As slim as she is, she is healthy. Healthy and ready to bear the air.