Dr. Oz Belly Fat

Hey guys this is Jorge Cruz and this is my good friend Dr Oz and we are going to talk about belly fat.

As you guys already know I’m a big avocant of being aware of what that does to our health and

how it continues to struggle. And I thought who better than the man the doctor

who is really on the front of bringing this awareness a couple years with on Opera,

Well you know I have never taken the organs shown on the first day and the ones that caught a lot of attention and

I knew it would was this old omentum sounds like momentum fact like momentum without the M.

Is this part of the belly fat?

Yes it is this fat is fat you can’t pinch if you can pinch is not momentum fat.

This fat is very special way inside under your muscles inside your belly.

So for all of you guys who worry about their fat thighs it will cost you a couple days

Because not all fat is the same that’s what I have told people and shared with my clients. And that this real fat in your belly.

Tell us why this is so dangerous?

Well historically very important to humans our ancestors would feast and store that

fat but especially the belly fat the visual fat was important because we could quickly take that fat and

go through the poral vein the big vain that feeds the liver and it would give the liver the nutrients that it needed.

Here’s the problem in those days to go hunting you would spent the whole day now you go hunting and

you take the carton out of the way.

Yeah takes 10 minutes or 5 minutes

So we have so visual fat that it does three things it poisons the liver,

by shooting chemicals through the poral vein that’s the big vain that big door.

And why is the liver so important?

It reconfigures all the chemicals that come into the body and resends them to all these extremities of the body.

So if you’re liver is making bad cholesterol because it’s been poison than heart disease? Yes heart disease

if the liver is making inflammatory chemicals then it will also because it to shoot the liver is so irrateded that

it won’t listen to insulin then you get diabetes type two yes diabetes type two.

In fact momentum is a poison in the liver that blocks muscle from using sugar so and from responding to insulin.

Even though you have insulin levels you become a diabetic and finally the momentum fat is so fat and

bulky that it squeezes on your kidneys and because it squeezes on your kidneys the kidneys which

regulate your blood pressure mispreside what’s going on and they make your blood pressure go off and guess

what belly fat gives you high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood cholesterol and

those three things gives you menovox syndrome number one cause of heart attacks and number one of strokes and

causes impotence wrinkles I mean there is nothing good about this and good portion of us especially

when we hit our 40s we start getting the belly fat.

So what’s the right amount? Well I don’t ask people their weight I don’t ask them their b of mind you ask them measurement right?

So tell me this is your homework right here right from the doctor’s orders get a tape measurement right?

Yes take a tape measure put it around your belly button right around the hips right here so we measure right across here.

Let me see if I pass the test you guys. Suck it suck it suck it…..show off he is 29 and a half.

Now is he too much or too little it all depends on his height.

So if your belly size that circumference has to be one half your sizes how tall are you?

6’1 it happens to be my height so I have the number so everyone six times twelve 12 inches

in a foot six times twelve 72inches plus one inch is 73 divided by half 36 inches so

if your belly circumference measures 36 in a half inches or more you were going to have belly fat

you can have way less that won’t hurt you but that’s better in many cases but worry of you are more that 36 and a half.

And for all you women out there don’t trust belt size of a man because men over the age of 40 will never buy a new belt size.

You hear that ladies

What they do is they slide their bellies and just keep on going down yes that’s right.

So you can’t tell by the belt size anymore. So this measuring tape can be a life saver.

And for ladies the general rule is what you are saying 32 in a half in general 32 in a half inches or less is ideal for body fat.

And for men is 37 inches and less. But yet the best way to do it is your height kids,

women, men you name it that formula works for everyone. I mix things up what we talked about it in your box is all about

what doctors have found and make it a lot easier to understand.

So now listen to this belly fat is dangerous and without a question it can hurt you life your quality life and quantity life.

It will strip an average of 15 years of your life. In fact is the single most obvious we could do in this country and

we are looking for jevedy issues like new calorie restrictions about 15 to 20 percent less than you normal

on average you are better of one half of your height.

So you have to take action and if there is someone out there triggering and

awww what’s the last thing we can tell them to get them to realize

how critical well there are a lot of medicine out there to treat dubieties high cholesterol but

none of them are as good as doing it on our own. We only give you these medications to paint the cracks that

go to the foundation of your health but only you that’s why we call it the you books can actually can make an impact

on it we are just there to play back up.

Well make the decision you guys hopefully these words will inspire you and continue to take action and

get that belly fat down. Thanks take good care.