Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Author Rob Simone finds this a common thread woven through the Triangle's folklore.

But when it comes to the subject of ghost ships, yes there has been cases reported of ghost ships from many different wayfaring cultures.

There are things that happen out in sea that can only be described in terms of mythology or poetry because they go beyond the limits of our rational thinking.

In 1780 the war ship General Gates disappears. And you have to think about that for a second –– this man was a seasoned sailor.

There wasn’t much that goes on that he and his crew hadn’t already seen. So for him to make a special notation about this event, that speaks volumes.

We put a man on the moon. We can split the atom. Sureyl, this tiny mystery off the coast of Cuba should not keep us in the dark for so long.

But it does and we have to ask ourselves why. What forces are at work – both natural and supernatural – that are keeping us on the other side of fully understanding what lies in the heart of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.