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SpeechAce – Speaking Skills

Speechace is the first and only speech website designed for evaluating and giving feedback on audio. Record your answers to the questions in the following lessons and get feedback on your pronunciation. Level 1 of Speaking Skills contains 48 lessons which review basic English topics such as regular present and past tense verbs.

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HowToPronounce – Click, Hear, & Learn

HowToPronounce is a free online audio pronunciation tool. Enter a word in it’s search bar and get the definition of the word in addition to multiple audio pronunciations of the word.  

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English Conversation Workout – Greetings & Intros

Natural English pronunciation takes practice. And your coach is here with your Conversation Workout! 15 minutes of solid conversation training – to help you sound more natural when you introduce yourself in English!

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-ed Pronunciation Games

In these games, try to match the regular verb -ed endings with the /Id/, /d/ and /t/ sounds.

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Courses developed by a language learning expert.

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