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What’s your learning style? Some people learn best by listening, others by reading or by viewing videos, or by problem solving and interaction. Or through structured language courses. Choose any (or all!) of these methods on


Our online games are designed for English learners who prefer a hands-on experience.  Play online in your desktop browser!


Learning through music is very effective and fun, too! Watch music videos to learn English and pop culture.


The language of cinema is universal. Grab some popcorn and enjoy a dramatic love story, mystery, or other drama.


Do you like cartoons?  documentaries?  serial dramas? sitcoms? talk shows?  The TV category has selected samples of all of these genres, and more!


Exploring social issues helps you learn more about the world while improving your English language skills.


Want to keep up with the news?  Here are some channels for accessing the news in easy-to-understand English.


Social Media has opened up channels for meeting some pretty fascinating people.  Engage with them as you learn English.


If you have the time and the discipline (!), try taking on a full language course.

Latest Articles

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The Times in Plain English

The Times in Plain English is about “clear writing". This means that English beginners can get their daily dose of news without having to pick up their dictionary once every five words.
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E-News Dispatch

Did you like News in Levels? Then check out E-News Dispatch, it's got the same format as News In Levels but allows you access to more articles!
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News In Levels

News In Levels has each story written with 3 different difficulty levels to match your English comprehension abilities.
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BBC News

The BBC is taking its quality journalism and using it to help people learn English!
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Grey’s Anatomy

Intern (and eventual resident) Meredith Grey finds herself caught up in personal and professional passions with fellow doctors at a Seattle hospital.
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