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Dr. Michael Rost, Ph.D. in linguistics

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Dr. Michael Rost, Ph.D. in linguistics,  is a language learning expert and the director of Lingual Net.  He has over 30 years of teaching, researching,  and teacher training experience in 15 different countries. He has written over 20 articles and books on second language learning and has edited several successful language learning series for young learners and adult learners.  All are available in our store or through our partner publishers.

Super Learner Fluency Course

Dr. Rost’s newest language course, the Super Learner Fluency Course, teaches you an enjoyable language learning formula.  This course will  help you become more fluent in English — fast.

And during this period of the global pandemic and limitations to access to teachers, we are offering the entire course for FREE.

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For each course, there is a forum dedicated to it where students can collaborate and get feedback from other students and teachers. Once you enroll in a course, you are automatically added to the course’s forum.

Free Resources

Lingual Net Active English Learning
5 Idioms to Learn Today!
5 Idioms to Learn Today! August 3, 2020 Posted by: Michael Rost Category: Speaking , No Comments Everyone loves to use idioms. Why? Because you feel like a "real language user" when you use idioms! And it’s fun to learn idioms. Remember: Having fun is part of successful learning! Here are 5 great idioms in [...]
Posted in: Speaking,
Lingual Net English learning resources
5 Polygot Tips to Increase Your English Vocab – Fast
5 Polygot Tips to Increase Your English Vocab – Fast July 28, 2020 Posted by: Michael Rost Category: Hacks from Polygots , No Comments Want to increase your English vocabulary – FAST? Then maybe it's a good idea to get some tips from successful learners... Here are 5 learning tips from polyglots, language learning experts. [...]
Posted in: Hacks from Polygots,
Lingual Net English language learning
5 FREE Apps to Learn English On the Go
5 FREE Apps to Learn English On the Go July 24, 2020 Posted by: Michael Rost Category: Learning Platforms , No Comments Language learning apps are the new "teachers".  (In our opinion, you will always need real live human teachers 🙂 , but LL apps can really boost your language quickly!) So let's look at [...]
Posted in: Learning Platforms,
Lingual Net Improve your English listening skills
5 Quick Exercises to Boost your Listening Ability
5 Quick Exercises to Boost your Listening Ability July 23, 2020 Posted by: Michael Rost Category: Listening , No Comments Do you know English but still struggle to understand native English speakers when they speak? This is a very common problem for English learners. These English listening exercises from TalkEnglish.com will help you improve your [...]
Posted in: Listening,

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