Super Learner Fluency Course Module 7: Education

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Hello and welcome to Lingual Net’s Super Learner Fluency Course.

I’m Dr. Michael Rost. I’m  a linguist and a language teacher, and a researcher. Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to observe many different learners, in many different countries.

What is it that successful learners do?

I’ve been able to identify some “secrets.”  Not exactly secrets, but strategies and study habits and memory “tricks” that successful language learners use. And I’d like to share those “secrets”, so that you too can become a Super Learner.

In each module, we focus on one topic.  The topic of this module is Education. We focus on five questions:

  1. What is education like for a typical person in your country?
  2. What is one good memory you have about your education?
  3. What makes a good student?
  4. Do you think computers or robots will someday replace teachers in the classroom?
  5. What is the difference between the way children learn and the way adults learn?

We will listen to three different interviews, where the students are asked these same five questions.  And we’re going to focus on their communication strategies.  And then we’re going to follow up with some study skills in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

OK, ready?

Welcome to the course. 


Let’s get started.


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Episode 2
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Episode 3
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Workbook 7

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Each module has a private group associated with it where you can interact with other students taking the course and get feedback on your workbook answers from the professor or from other students. First register for the course and then visit the group page.

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