Episode 3: Close Listening

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      Fill in the missing parts of Haya’s answers.

      1. That’s a very important question. Thank you for asking. The Vietnamese government has really ______________ the ______________. So we have … our standard system goes, like, kindergarten, and then you go to elementary school, and then middle school, middle school for four years, elementary school for five years, and then you go to high school for three years. Then after that, you will have to pass a national test, just to finish ______________. So you have a ______________ saying you are finished K-12. Then you have to have another test to get into the university that you want. So the high school is very important…when you’re in high school it’s very important. We have what’s called a trường trung học phổ thông chuyên, right? So what that means is it’s very intense, very specialized. Like if you’re really smart… Like Harvard or Stanford. If you’re really smart, you get into there, you study with other smart kids, and they put more and more information in your brains. And you have to study days and nights. I’m talking days and nights. So, it’s really tough. So overall, in my country, I would give it a rate about 7. It’s a good education system. But I think they need to change the way they ______________ it. They just approach it in one way, which is: “Here’s information, here’s your brain (claps).” OK, but we want to do it differently, because each brain functions differently.

      2. Oh, OK, I want to share with you the ______________ that I’ll never forget. So when I was in twelfth grade, I was selected to be the leader of the class. In Vietnamese we call it lảnh tụ. So being a leader, you have to do your homework right, help your classmates to move up, to get better, but I didn’t ______________. So I was kind of rebellious at the time and at one point it got so out of hand that the school asked my parents to come. And I was only able to talk about it to my mom, so she came to school and she’s crying. She acts like I’m ______________. Like I was not the person that the ______________ me. So the teacher feels like, “Oh, OK.” He feels bad. So he’s like, OK, we’re just going to take off…just not to let her do the leadership. Just so you know, blah-blah-blah. And my mom was like, OK, I will talk to her again. And this and that. But I never changed. I’m very ______________. And my whole class, they’re proud of me. And the whole like twelfth grade, we had a lot of twelfth grade classes, right? – it goes from 12A-1 to 12 A-13, and the whole thing, they know about my story. I was popular.

      3. ______________ because …people think a good student means getting good grades. And I was one of those students who was getting good…straight As. So from my perspective, a good student is someone who can find a way to learn about themselves. So how do you get to know
      yourself better? That, ______________, instead of just go to school, write down your notes, remember your notes, get the test, get the A… That wasn’t…I don’t think that’s ______________ of educating. So if you’re a student, while getting your straight As, learn about yourself too. If you don’t develop some self-knowledge, you might ______________ that doesn’t really fit you, and fit the person you are, and maybe you’re not able to ______________. So yeah, I would say getting straight As is good, but it’s half of the problem. The other half is to try to ______________ who you are.

      4. No. I asked that question to …one of my ______________. I asked him… will computers technology change the way we do design, and he said no. He explained…and I agree with him. And I would say the same thing about teachers. I think ______________ it will help teachers. It’s a tool for people to use. And it needs a human to operate it. So no matter how you choose to operate it, you’re coding it, you type in some words, or you make it prettier… in a ______________, it still needs a ______________ on it, right? So I don’t think that any technology or computers will replace human beings.

      5. Children and adults… So, ______________, to make it short, I don’t think children care about what other people think. I work with kids, and whenever I ______________ they just answer it. They don’t even think, “Oh, what will my friends think?” No, they just raise their hand and answer it. Whereas the teenagers, they don’t talk much. They say, “Oh, OK, I agree with him. I agree with her.” They really don’t want to… ______________. And as they grow old, oh sorry, ______________, and become adults, that’s the behavior that they will … kind of ______________. So I think for children, they’re not afraid to say something, where adults, we think a lot about what we have to say.

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