Episode 3: Close Listening

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      Fill in the missing parts of Haya’s answers.

      1. I don’t have a job, at least I don’t have a full-time job. I’m more a ______________. I’m still in high school. But I do have a part-time job. On weekends I work as a waitress at a Lebanese restaurant – nothing too crazy: a ______________ working at a Middle Eastern restaurant. So yeah I work there two times a week, ______________. It kind of keeps me on my toes. I’ve gained a lot of social skills from working there – you know, it’s my first job, you know like speaking ______________, communicating with customers, even some cooking skills, learning you know how food is prepared. So that’s the most important thing: I think ______________ as I do work.

      2. To be honest, it’s my ______________. And so I kind of was trying to go for the easiest thing I can get. And it was an Arab cuisine, and it’s nothing too crazy for a Middle Eastern girl to work there. And I knew I would get along with the colleagues ______________ because it’s kind of the same community — and it’s really easy to form those “shallow friendships.” You know, you kind of see the same ______________. An you’re like, oh, I recognize that person and you just talk some time. So in a way I chose that job because to it feels like walking back into my hometown every time I ______________. And it’s such a cool feeling.

      3. Do I get along ______________? I think, yes, I think so, even though I’m the youngest who works there, and my colleagues need to help me a lot with the restaurant. But it’s a Lebanese restaurant, and the owner is the same ______________ and all of the workers there speak Arabic, so that’s a kind of bond for me. And what’s the key to getting along? Well, I mean, I think it’s really ______________. Paying attention to each other, seeing what you need and how you can help around. That attitude, desire to ______________, teach each other, is really
      important to getting along well.

      4. Um, I think what I want to do in life is ______________ than the job I have right now. I mean, I’m a student, so the job I have right now is definitely ______________. But it’s a good job for now, you know that’s how I treat it. It’s a good ______________ to work in. I feel like I’m with “my people”, but in the long term, I’m sure I’ll be doing something else.

      5. I have really ______________ about technology. I mean, technology has both ______________ aspects to it. In my opinion, It depends on how you use the technology. In a way, technology, if it’s used the wrong way, it makes people lazier — you know, you’re just on your phone all the
      time. And…but in other ways, if you use it the right way, you can just have unlimited information, and unlimited helpful things that you can find online just like that. And so yeah, you can easily ______________ at all times and you ______________ it at all times. So yeah it has both helpful and harmful aspects to it. It just depends on how you use it.

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