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      Listen to the video one more time. Fill in the missing parts of Haya’s answers.

      1. This is…this might be a really ________ for me – and I may get kind of ________, but, um, I’m Syrian. I’m from Damascus, the capital, one of the ________ cities in the world for me. That’s where I was born, that’s where my grandparents live, ________ of my grandparents still do. But then later my parents and brother and I, ________ to Saudi Arabia, you know, to ________ escape the ________ that everybody knows is ________ there in my country. So we lived in a city called Al Khobar — that’s how you say it in English – in Arabic, it’s Al Khobar. So I kind of have ________. But I consider Damascus to be ________.

      2. Oh, what do I like about my city? Well, you know, all the people from Damascus – all Syrians ________— they’re ________ of their city. It’s one of the oldest ________ cities — for like I think it’s 6000 years or more now. And we ________ it one of the ________ in the world — and not from ________ point of view, more like a cultural ________. It’s so rich in ________ and ________. Just walking around, you can see all kinds of priceless ________ and temples and castles. And it’s just so ________ to live there.________

      3. I think if a person would visit Damascus, they should visit the ________ of the city. Of course, you’d have to be sure it’s ________ to visit first, but when it is ________, you should definitely visit the ________, you know, that ________ of the river, I think in English you pronounce it more like Barada, I think, and it’s kind of ________ by walls. If you ________ the old city, you can really ________ a lot of ________ really. The old city is just super ________, just walking seeing the markets, the old buildings — like houses in the old days did not have roofs, which might ________ now, but they didn’t – and museums, castles, you know the old clothing that people wear and these beautiful carved doors — it’s ________. So you can really get a great ________.

      4. ________ has definitely ________. I mean, it’s sad ________ that, but, you know, ________ in my country that’s ________ right now. It’s a ________, but we have to ________. And, you know, it has ________, but with ________ I cannot say it has ________ in a ________ way. There are still the ________ and the ________ and the ________ of people there, but it’s definitely ________ a lot.

      5. Definitely. I think the place where I grew up in made me the person I am today. It ________ and all that: my ________, my opinions – all the things were ________ based on the place that I ________. I think in ________ because it’s Damascus, ________, has these two ________ cultures, I think ________ – the old city with its ________ and then the new city with the ________ – has also created ________ for me. And for better or ________, that’s who I am now, I’m a person who has to kind of ________ all of those.

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