Episode 2: Close Listening

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      Fill in the missing parts of Andrio’s answers.

      1. Well, right now I’m a student, full time, but part-time I’m actually a _______________ for my school. I take photos for _______________ newsmagazine, and I go to a bunch of different events and performances.

      2. Why? Because I love it! That’s why. I really think that creating art is _______________ in the world. So I really love being part of the visual and performing arts. So doing what I love and getting paid for it? Yeah, _______________!

      3. Do I get along with my colleagues? I absolutely do. You know, as you may have guessed, I’m pretty _______________, so I like to make friends and I make friends easily. So I assume that my colleagues are my friends, and _______________ with them pretty well, _______________ in a friendly way, learn about their lives, and what’s going on, and so I do get along with my colleagues.

      4. If I had the chance to change my job, would I? No. I _______________ involved in the arts for my whole life. _______________ my family was hoping that I would get a _______________ and become a _______________, but I think they’ll love me the same way if I get involved in the arts. Because I want to continue it and hopefully get _______________ out of it.

      5. I think technology is affecting the _______________ in a good way. We really have to _______________ for how much it helps us to do our jobs. For me, I am a part-time photographer, and I like to take better photos. And I can _______________ because of my tech, like my AI adjustments to my shots. I can easily upload photos for people to review and comment on, and I really have _______________ for editing, so in a sense technology has made me a better photographer. And yes, I mean it is possible that we could have a future AI, but hopefully they will not _______________ our jobs, but I think that is something we have to adapt to and embrace with.

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