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      Listen to the video one more time. Fill in the missing parts in Andrio’s answers.

      1. Well, I was actually born in ________, which is the ________ of the Philippines. Since it’s a ________ city, it’s very, very, very ________, very beautiful, but also very ________. But yes, I would like to ________ Manila as my ________ since it’s where I grew up my whole life, until I moved here to ________.

      2. What do I like about Manila? Well, I do love a lot of ________ about Manila, but I would say it has a very ________. The Philippines was “________” by the Spanish in the 16th century, so there is a lot of Spanish ________. But the history of the Philippines goes ________ that. There was a lot of ________ everywhere, too. And it’s pretty ________, it’s very, very crowded, but the people are very, very friendly. And the ________ is low. The ________ is cheap, rents are low too, ________ is very good and very ________. So that’s all ________.

      3. What would I recommend? Well, in Manila, I’d recommend that you ________ and see the ________ – to me, that’s a really ________ part of ________ the city because the street life is ________ different than ________ in the world. But I also ________ recommend the beaches of Manila. The beaches are what makes ________ look beautiful in the Philippines. Because they’re known for their ________ white sand. It’s very, very beautiful and you definitely want to ________.

      4. Has it changed? Well, this may ________, but no, it hasn’t. No, it’s still the same ________ city that I grew up in. Things don’t really change ________ there. But I would say that the traffic got much worse. ________ Manila has now grown to a ________ of ________ like 15 cities, so that having all ________ together, and people living in all of these ________ and areas — I have to admit, the ________ – the roads, the ________ – are all ________, and the traffic is a ________, and it doesn’t stop. ________, I remember, is from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

      5. Yes, it’s very, very ________ to where I ________. My hometown represents my ________, and it represents me. A lot of people I meet here don’t know that I’m ________, and frankly, they don’t know a lot about the Philippines. I remember a lot of people would ________ where the Philippines was. So I’m very ________ to be ________. I’m very ________ of my ________ and origins.

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