Episode 1: Reflection Questions

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      1. What’s your favorite food?

      2. Is there any food you dislike?

      3. How important is diet to your health?

      4. What are some popular foods for visitors to your country?

      5. What is one popular dish in your country? Can you describe it?

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      1- My favorite food are noodles.

      2- Yes, it is. I dislike lemon.

      3- I think diet is very important to my health, because because as it is popularly said healthy mind in healthy body.

      4- I’m from Peru, so the most popular food in my country is fish, here visitors can eat fish in diferents dishes. Potatoes are very popular too, we have lots of dishes that have potatoes in their recipes, for example lomo saltado, papa a la huancaína, ají de gallina, etc.

      5- The most popular dish in my country is ceviche. I can’t describe it completely because i don’t like it, but i know the recipe has fish, lemon, onion, algae, corn, sweet potato (maybe i’m forgotting some ingredients).

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