Episode 1: Close Listening

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      Fill in the missing parts of Thanh’s answers.

      1. Right now I’m a _______________, and I also have a part-time job. It’s an _______________ I work for an interior design company. And one of the things we do is stage houses and condos. Do you know what _______________ means? Let me explain. Staging is kind of a total presentation of furniture, _______________ lighting, and hardware, kitchens. We want to make it look inviting, enticing and very attractive to _______________. So they can buy our beautiful houses.

      2. Why did I choose this _______________ internship I’m having right now? I chose it because… my major. I’m an _______________. So I want something that’s related to my major so I can build up my experience. So I can work with _______________, real space, real clients, solve real problems. I can do work from home too. So I can build 3-D models, put in chairs, _______________, so that I can share with you, and you’re
      able to my ideas and you can work from it too. That works. And then one more thing is _______________. Nobody lives without money. So it pays really well, so I think that’s also one of my reasons.

      3. Getting along well…Do I get along…OK. I think getting along means being polite. It’s just very…be respectful. When people try to _______________ what I’m trying to say, I don’t like that. And since English is not my native language, sometimes I have a _______________, like more specifically it’s like _______________. So the two _______________ that I usually use when I _______________ …am having that issue is that, one, I avoid it. Don’t talk about that _______________. Or second, is just ask them, is that what they really mean. And the key to… I’m sorry what was the question again? The key to…? (I: getting along) getting along for me is to be _______________. I don’t think you can get along with everyone, but I think you can be _______________ to every single person that you work with, that you want to be _______________ with, or who you want to build a relationship with. So let’s just start there.

      4. Well, for now, I just want to _______________ which is interior design. I’m _______________, so I don’t know anything, so I have to be very patient. And I don’t think that I will change my career in the future. Because the more I learn about what I do, _______________. So not changing, at least at the moment speaking. Not _______________. Yeah.

      5. I like this question! A lot. Because I use a lot of technology. Just like you guys. We have phones, and I have _______________. So I think the way we do our design, the technology helps with my job personally is that we can help clients _______________ their spaces very easily. We don’t do pencil drawings anymore. We do 3-D models. So you can visual… You have a VR, so you can visualize yourself in space. So that it’s easier for you. We use technology to help us extend our _______________ design too. And I’m following the idea _______________.I think it’s very cool.

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