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      Listen to the video one more time. Fill in the missing parts of Thanh’s answers.

      1. Where’s my ________? I live in… I ________ in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City. You can ________ Saigon now. So it’s a ________ big city. It’s one of the biggest. It’s ________ like 10 million people in there now. So I’ve ________ in the city since I was a ________, so you can call me “a ________.”

      2. I do miss it ________ a lot these days. I’ve been in the US for five years, so the ________ is growing. All my childhood ________ is there. I cannot separate my memories from the place. Ho Chi Minh City is very ________ and busy. It’s crazy busy, 24/7. I like that it has a ________ cuisine. I love food. We have a lot of Vietnamese, good Vietnamese food, ________ food, you can have it at anytime of the day you want — 2 am in the morning, and you can go out, and there’s ________ food you can try. So yeah, it’s a ________ question, because there’s so many things ________, but yeah…

      3. The city which was ________ Saigon – you can still call it now, but it was more popular ________ — is known for its French colonial ________. Like you can visit the Notre Dame ________, in the middle of District One. It’s made ________…the materials partly from France in the 19th century. And also we have the Central Post Office that carries the same ________ …the French ________ as well. And when you’re there, you should visit the Museum, they call it the War ________ Museum. It’s a solemn place, it’s really one of the most ________ sites in Ho Chi Minh City and it’s dedicated to ________ visitors. They ________ and want to learn about the Vietnam War. And like it or not, the war is a ________ experience for the whole country. And we’re changing, we’re ________ really fast after the war, it’s like 30 years since the war now, and it’s crazy, it’s changed ________.

      4. Oh, gosh, OK, yes. My ________, particularly where I live, there’s a lot of ________ in terms of the ________. For example, near my hometown there’s a river, and it used to be ________ in trash and it smelled really bad. But now today, people they started ________ it, and they ________ for it, and they say, hey, let’s just ________ this up. So our children can have a better environment, to ________, we can do exercise. So they cleaned the river. It’s good now. And people can…started to exercise…and walking. And they take ________ over there and do all ________ fun activities. So it’s like promoting for a ________ for the residents living in that ________.

      5. I ________ think that the place where you ________ will…is very important to you. Because it might partially shape ________. For example, in my case, I ________ in a ________ neighborhood, so I have water, I have clean water, I have electricity, I have school just around the corner, I have markets, post office, everywhere is ________. Then we, when I was like in ________ or something, we usually have ________, to a poorer neighborhood, because teachers want us to ________ it, right? So they don’t…when I go there, I see they don’t have clean water, they don’t have beds, they have to sleep on ________, and they don’t have electricity, so I suddenly feel sad. And also at the same time I feel grateful for ________. So yeah I’m feeling very ________ because I was born in that ________ with my family and in that area at that time.

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