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5 Tips for Learning English through Music!

1.  Browse through music online to see what you like.  Use YouTube to browse: search for one song in English that you know. (Or just search: Songs in English.)  And then explore links and links and more links.  You can also do this through music...

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5 Ways to Take Good Notes!

When you listen to a long talk (like a TED Talk) or a lecture (like in a classroom), be an active listener. Take notes! WHY? Because taking notes helps you focus and reviewing notes helps you remember. Here are 5 techniques for taking notes.   1. Outline...

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5 Tips for Learning English through Movies

© 2019 Lingual Net Movies are a great resource for language learning. A good movie is a work of art – it is a creative way to tell a story, it evokes a strong emotional response, and it provides some original examples of human interaction and language. But to learn...

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