About Lingual Net


Lingual.net is part of Lateral Communications, a San Francisco-based instructional design company, specializing in second language learning.

Lingual Net is our “sandbox” site – where we play with learning ideas.  The site is designed for English language learners, but we also have content that appeals to anyone interested in new ideas around the world, intercultural communication, and creative forms of expression.     


We feature  short films and interactive games. Our films have subtitles to assist language learning and we’ve added quizzes to some films to help you understand the content more completely. Our interactive games allow you to have fun and learn something new while you practice your English skills.  We also provide interactive forums, via our Facebook pages, so you can find other learners to connect with.


And finally, we provide reviews of learning resources and links to some of our favorite sites.   


Please browse around Lingual Net and find something that you like!  Play and Learn!