“5 Ways” Learning Tips

Short films are a great way to learn the English language. Short films are short and simple which make them easy and fun to digest in one sitting.

1. Six Shooter (2004)

Six Shooter is a foul-mouthed precursor to Martin McDonagh’s cult classic crime caper In Bruges. The film follows a grieving man who encounters a foul mouthed maniac while on a train in Ireland.

2. Dig (2014)

The most devastating 10 minutes about digging a hole that you’ll ever see.

3. Rejected (2000)

Don Hertzfeldt’s cult classic animated short blends reality and fiction with his quirky doodles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll probably start quoting this film constantly.

4. Dawn (2014)

Rose McGowan’s directorial debut is a gut punch of a film about femininity, growing up, and the dark undercurrent that runs parallel to suburban America.

5. Hotel Chevalier (2007)

A Wes Anderson masterpiece that not only stands alone, but serves as a prequel to his criminally overlooked The Darjeeling LimitedHotel Chevalier goes full Woody Allen in this deconstruction of a relationship after everything has fallen apart.

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