“5 Ways” Learning Tips


These “5 Ways to Say…” lists will help you increase your fluency.

When you know more than one way to express an idea, you become more comfortable speaking the language.

Here are 5 Ways to say “No!”

  1. No, I (‘m not, won’t, can’t).    (Short and to the point.  Don’t just say “No”.  Add at least the modal.  Are you busy?  No, I’m not.  Will you be at the meeting? No, I won’t.  Can you help me today? No, I can’t.  etc. )
  2. I’m sorry, I can’t.    (More personal, gives more information. You can add:  I appreciate your (help, time, consideration, guidance)… I appreciate what you did.)
  3. Nah! Or Nope!  (Very informal – use only with friends.)
  4. No way! Or Certainly not! (More expressive.  Kind of critical of the person who asked…so be careful when you use this! )
  5. Not now Or I wish I could, but… (Delay your “no”.  Maybe you’ll say yes later!)

And of course you can combine these:  Use more than one, like: No, I’m afraid I can’t.  I wish I could, but I can’t right now.  Maybe another time.

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