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In the Super Learner Fluency Course we highlight strategies that successful communicators use, in other words their “communication strategies.”

Communication Strategies are conscious “intentions” that speakers use in conversations to assure successful “connection” with the listener. Connection is both a “social” contact with the listener and a “content” transmission to the listener. By focusing on strategies, or intentions, you can become more successful. Using strategies is not a guarantee that you will always be successful and using strategies won’t instantly make your English better – but using strategies helps you to use your English more effectively.

In the Super Learner Fluency course, we have 24 strategies in 4 categories:

• Communication Strategy Type 1: “Be Present” strategies.

These strategies help you become aware of the situation.  They help you relax and just “be you”!

• Communication Strategy Type 2:    “Personalize” strategies.  

These strategies help you focus on your personal meaning. They help you gain confidence about speaking.

• Communication Strategy Type 3:   “Think” strategies. 

They help you think about what to say.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Type 4 :  “Body” strategies.

These strategies help you learn to communicate with your whole body. They help you make your communication more powerful.

Communication Strategy Type 5 :   “Interact” strategies. 

These strategies help you focus on your partner.  They help you interact with your conversation partners more smoothly.

All five types are important. And you can begin using all of them today!  

In the Super Learner Fluency Course you hear 201 different interviews, 100 different interview questions – and you can see how the speakers use these strategies to communicate effectively.

Check out the Super Learner Fluency Course to give them a try!


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