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These are the Communication Strategies that are taught in the Lingual Net Super Learner Fluency Course . When you participate in the course, you will learn how to use these strategies in your own conversations and interview tests. We show you real interviews that demonstrate these strategies. Sign up now!

Activation Strategies 

  1. Communication Strategy:  Open up.
  2. Communication Strategy:  Be yourself! 
  3. Communication Strategy:  Show interest!
  4. Communication Strategy:  Show passion.
  5. Communication Strategy:  Use positive body language.
  6. Communication Strategy:  Be honest.
  7. Communication Strategy:  Take a strong position.
  8. Communication Strategy:  Use your emotion.  

Interaction Strategies 

  1. Communication Strategy: Use Think Time. 
  2. Communication Strategy:  Clarify the question.
  3. Communication Strategy:  Confirm meaning.
  4. Communication Strategy:  Correct any mistakes that interfere with meaning.   
  5. Communication Strategy:  Use appropriate language. 
  6. Communication Strategy:  Vary your answers.

Cognitive Strategies

  1. Communication Strategy:  Organize your answer.
  2. Communication Strategy:  Expand your answers. 
  3. Communication Strategy:  Reframe the topic.
  4. Communication Strategy:  Demonstrate your knowledge.
  5. Communication Strategy:  Describe things logically.
  6. Communication Strategy:  Explain unfamiliar terms.
  7. Communication Strategy:  Include important facts.
  8. Communication Strategy:  Make comparisons.

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