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When you’re learning English, of course you want to practice with a real native speaker – or a fluent non-native speaker who speaks naturally. Being able to communicate with a native speakers and “natural speakers” is truly the ultimate test of your English speaking ability. Here are some suggestions for free resources you can use to find a native or fluent English speaker to practice with:



1. iTalki

While iTalki offers paid tutors to hire, it also has a Find Language Partners section where language learners can find language partners to exchange lessons with for free. You teach them your language, and they teach you theirs which would be English in this case.




2. LingoGlobe

LingoGlobe is a free language exchange community where you can learn and practice foreign languages with native speakers. You can engage with native speakers via a language forum or live chat.

LingoGlobe puts together all the necessary elements to language learning – communication with native language speakers, free resource materials, and a community of fellow learners. There is a discussion forum for each languages where all the learners of that language can discuss the language together. There is also the option to chat with learners privately. You can get in touch with others through chat, mails, voice call, video call, etc.

On the website you can also search for suitable partners, who want to learn your language, and you can send them a chat request. Once they accept your request, start talking and learning.




3. Speaky

Speaky is the perfect app to instantly learn, practice and exchange languages with people around the world, for free! The way it works is you search for the perfect language partner and then simply exchange your language skills.




4. Busuu

In addition to talking to other language learners, Busuu also offers additional options to users such as exercises, tasks, you can earn badges, you can access an online dictionary, and more all for free.

After signing up for a free account, on the right hand side you will find a column of other users who know the language you are looking to learn. Chat with these users for free, and make use of the dictionary to learn the language.




5. Polygot Club

Like other language exchange sites, Polyglot Club is an online community for language learners to exchange their language skills but it also offers lessons on topics that can help you learn better. You can think of the website as a literal club where everyone is there to mingle, but also to learn something new from each other. 


We hope you find these free language tools useful. You don’t need to break the bank to learn a language. You just need dedication and practice.

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