Watch videos of natural and authentic conversations to improve your English listening skills, LearnEnglish GREAT Videos – British Council App, LingualNet

Watch videos and improve your English listening skills. Watch natural and authentic conversations in English in this video app.

Watch 24 videos to learn more about life in the UK. Follow our host Richard around London as he visits Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and Harrods department store. Learn more about the history of the English language and find out more about British entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson.

Each video features:

  • an audio transcript so you can read along while you listen
  • a glossary of words to help you learn and remember words
  • questions to check your understanding
  • a pitch control to slow down the audio.

There are several ways to to help maximize your progress:

  • Watch the videos and follow along with the audio transcript as you listen. The audio transcript supports your listening and helps you hear words you may not necessarily recognize just by listening.
  • Check any words you don’t know using the built-in glossary.
  • Listen to the audio only without watching the video. This really helps you focus on listening.
  • Watch the videos in landscape mode without reading the audio transcript – this is the hardest way! Test your listening and see how much of the video you can understand.

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