A polyglot is person who is able to use many languages for communication. Most people will learn only one or maybe two additional languages in their life. But a lucky few know how to master a new language quickly! Do you want to learn their secrets? Here is a list of the best blogs written by polyglots. These blogs are chock-full of compelling material, lessons, and tricks for learning a new language.

Language Mastery

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This outstanding blog by John Fotheringham provides language learning advice, guidance, tips and strategies. Fotheringham is of the belief that languages cannot actually be taught. Fluency is dependent on actively listening, speaking, reading and writing a language. The blog articles are thoughtful and comprehensive, packed with lots of useful information. Previous topics have included a look at the habits of highly successful language learners, reviews of language products and the obstacles that prevent people from becoming fluent. Some of the posts include John’s podcast interviews with other language bloggers, teachers, polyglots and linguists.

The Mezzofanti Guild

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The website has a clean and neatly-ordered layout with good use of white space, images, font and headlines. This helps to make it an easy read. The blog’s intriguing name comes from Giuseppe Gasparo Mezzofanti (1774-1849), an Italian polyglot and priest who spoke more than 35 languages.

I will teach you a language…

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World-traveler Olly reveals his tips for learning languages – during his travels he has mastered 8 new languages. Olly’s philosophy involves helping you fit the new language into your lifestyle, learning to tolerate mistakes, and appreciating the journey of learning more than the final outcome. His basic method is to help you learn through stories— to “put the fun back into learning.”

Fluent in 3 Months

Language guru Benny Lewis has filled his extremely popular Fluent in 3 Months website with a plethora of language hacks designed to accelerate your language learning. There are outstanding lessons and articles about how to learn better. In addition to posts that are applicable to all language learners, there are some language specific articles such as “How to Read the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet in Just a Few Hours” and “Is Japanese Hard? Why Japanese is Easier Than You Think!”

The Polyglot Dream

The Polyglot Dream is a terrific resource by Italian Luca Lampariello who is fluent in ten languages. He is on a mission to show people how to learn languages, based on his experience of learning entirely in his home country, not through travel to foreign destinations. His posts are rich with valuable information and cover a multitude of topics such as language learning techniques and language learning philosophy. Here you will come across such topics as studying versus learning, choosing an accent and how to develop advanced fluency.

Source: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/polyglot-language-learning/

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