As some of you may know, YoliChat is a program that allows students (primarily Chinese) to get on-demand English classes with native English speakers through WeChat, a Chinese messaging app.

In becoming a teacher with YoliChat, you gain access to one of the largest English-language learning market – China. While the application process is not difficult, it does take a bit of time. The application process can take a several days or even several weeks, depending on your pace. You’ll be asked to submit a video, answer a few questions, and go through some material to help you understand the Yoli approach to teaching English.

, What to Expect when Teaching for YoliChat, LingualNet

Here are the steps for applying to be a teacher on YoliChat:

  1. WeChat: Download WeChat on your phone, log in, and set your unique ID.
  2. Yoli Profile: Make a profile on yolichat.com and get PayPal if you don’t have it already.
  3. Video: Submit an application video.
  4. Questions: If your application is accepted, share a few things about yourself. For example: Why you want to be a Yoli teacher? How you found out about Yoli? What other platforms do you teach on?
  5. Training material: Watch a few videos about Yoli and study the documents.
  6. Quiz: Answer questions to test your knowledge of the training material.
  7. Demo: Teach a demo class. A member of Yoli’s American staff will mimic a poor English learner.
  8. Join: After receiving feedback and passing the demo, you can join the platform and will be added to a few groups such as the Teacher’s Lounge.
  9. Unpaid trial: Teach 12 unpaid classes.
  10. Teach and earn: After the probationary period, you’ll be a full-fledged Yoli teacher and required to take at least one lesson a month. You’ll get paid on the first of every month. Note that PayPal will deduct a transaction fee.

Learn more about teaching for YoliChat here: Teach English Online with Yoli Chat

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