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Business English teacher Chris Rush gives his experience and tips for making money on italki. Chris recommends italki as a good platform to make money teaching English because of it’s large traffic. He says you will get clients on italki on Day 1. He says teachers of all price ranges have a good chance of making money on the platform but suggests that you raise your rate gradually as you gain experience, clientele, and reviews.

He says however that showcasing your skills appropriately on the site is key. You have to make sure your italki profile is right. “I’m stretching the analogy, but it’s hard to overstate how much of an impact your italki profile has on your bottom line, for better or for worse.”

He recommends that in your profile – in both your intro video and written introduction – that you focus on the benefits you offer students. “In both your profile copy and your video, resist the temptation to talk about yourself too much.  It’s natural to think “well this is introduction is about me” but really it’s not — it’s about your students, and how they’ll benefit from taking lessons with you.  What makes a handmade coffee mug attractive isn’t how it’s made, but the thought of drinking hot coffee out of it on a cold morning!”

He also recommends that you clearly define your audience. “Your profile will be way more effective if you choose a specific audience and speak specifically to them. You may think you’re reaching more people, but the reality is that trying to speak to everyone makes your message bland and uninteresting.”

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