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YoliChat is a program within the WeChat app where students (primarily Chinese) can take on-demand classes with native English speakers. It also works the other way around: English speakers can use it to learn Mandarin. WeChat, if you aren’t familiar, is a Chinese messenger app, like Facebook Messenger.

YoliChat connects English students with tutors, on-demand. A student pings the Yoli tutor universe for a class and a tutor accepts the ping. A 20-minute class begins. Yoli’s content and lessons are built on a time-tested framework designed to help learners become fluent, fast. During the class, the teacher and student exchange voice and text messages. The teacher guides the student through speaking assignments and provides feedback.

A reminder is sent 5 minutes and 30 seconds before the class is about to end. The teacher gives final remarks and the class closes automatically after 22 minutes.

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