Verbling lets you “learn over 50 languages with 6,000+ teachers on the most advanced language learning platform in the world.” They’ve been endorsed by Forbes, the BBC and many other mainstream companies.

Verbling is an online platform where language learners can take lessons with professional teachers. Our in-house staff vets every application from prospective teachers. Only those teachers who meet rigorous standards are accepted, ensuring high instruction quality for our learners. As a result, the average learner rating for a Verbling teacher is 4.9 out of 5. Verbling offera a slick integrated tech platform that includes customized lesson plans that work in both the browser and as apps. They offer a free trial so check it out!

Lessons take place over video chat, so people can learn wherever they may find themselves. Adding to convenience, our language teachers are available 24/7, covering all timezones globally.

So what makes Verbling different? Well, you’ll see once you start an actual lesson. Verbling does more than let you book and schedule lessons – it provides a platform for actually having those lessons, through Verbling’s own video-chat interface. This is in contrast to some other sites which leave it to you and your teacher to find your own communication channel, typically Skype. Verbling’s lesson interface offers more than just video chat. Teachers can upload files, which you can work through together, as in the above screenshot where my teacher and I are viewing a PDF of basic Japanese greetings. You can also write messages to each other, and – coolest of all – create vocabulary flashcards together, which you can then review in your own time between lessons.

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