Do you love games?

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Most of us do – or at least we love some games. Why? Well, it’s hard to describe why we love a particular game, but we might just say, “Because it’s fun.”

If you’re a language learner or a language teacher, you’ll realize that there are a few essential “conditions” for success in language learning. One of these essential conditions – the most fundamental one – is motivation. You’ve got to find, sustain, and fuel your motivation in order to succeed at language learning.

, Learning through games, LingualNet

So what’s the connection between games and motivation? Games are intrinsically motivating – they make us “want” to do something — not because we have to, but because we’re attracted to the activity. Because on some level, we “love” it. Also, games motivate us — with no risk. We don’t really lose anything if we lose the game.

Games in general and game-based learning in particular have the potential to turn learning into an enjoyable challenge. Through the game, concepts are introduced and students can develop and improve their skills, while building motivation.

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