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Some of the most influential people in the area of second language teaching theory have never learned a second language, and never thought about the notion of teaching second languages.  But they have their fingers on the pulse of what makes second language learning possible and possibly successful: engagement, progressive challenge, reward.  Those are three elements of Raph Koster’s A Theory of Fun, a very interesting book, written in journal style.  Raph’s own subtitle for the book is:  Why games matter and what fun is. Hint:  the why games matter = this is the way we develop neural pathways and Hint:  what fun is = not the whoopee  fun of an amusement park, not the ha-ha fun of a good barroom joke, but rather something involving multiple cognitive and physical processes in a “flow”




Raph provides a free pdf download of the book and slide shows others have done based on the book.  Worth checking out if you’re interested in why some games work and why some don’t…