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SYNOPSIS: Dr. David Mantik discusses forgery of Autopsy Photos using 3D Techniques. A Photographer Joe O’Donnell discusses seeing Autopsy Photos CHANGED to hide the shot to JFK’s head from the front. There was a hole in the front of his head, about 3/8 inch and a hole in the back about the size of a grapefruit. A few days later they were changed, hole in the front was gone, as was the hole in the back of the head. The Government has been in possession of the photos he reviewed, NO ONE else had access. Only the government could have changed these photos to hide the shot from the front. Only LBJ and HOOVER had the power to turn this lie into truth, it’s pretty obvious now, isn’t it? LBJ became President and escaped jail for his corruption, Hoover became FBI director for life which was all he wanted.

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Run Time: 5:40 minutes