SYNOPSIS: Follow Jenna, Chet, Natalie, Liam, Sandra, and Guy in their adventures at Truman Love High School. This is the first episode in their ongoing drama.

In Scene 4, Liam meets Bill in the library, and boasts about his prowess…  Watch the whole story and play The True Love Game at: http://www.lingovision.net.    And visit the LingoVision: True Love Facebook page: http://bit.ly/b3JBIZs

Story by Adrianne Ambrose.  Cast:  Christine Behrens (Jenna), Mikie Beatty (Chet), Dania Denise (Natalie), Paul Tracey (Liam), Adam Mansfield (Bill), Carla Pauli (Sandra), John Cornwell (Mr. Shree),  Elijah Guo (Guy).  Videography and Editing:  Ammon Rost, James Green, Joel Goodman.