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Dr. Michael Rost, Ph.D. in linguistics,  is a language learning expert.  He has over 30 years of teaching and teacher training experience in 20 different countries. He has written over 20 articles and books on language learning and has edited several successful language learning series for young learners and adult learners.  Available in our store or through the publishers.

Super Learner Fluency Course

Dr. Rost’s newest language course, the Super Learner Fluency Course, teaches you his language learning formula, developed over 30 years, to help you become fluent in English — fast.

And believe it or not, Dr. Rost is offering the entire course for FREE.

Collaborate and learn with other students.

For each course, there is a forum dedicated to it where students can collaborate and get feedback from other students and teachers. Once you enroll in a course, you are automatically added to the course’s forum.

Free Resources

5 ways to improve your grammar

© 2020 Lingual Net Many students worry about how to learn grammar. Of course, you can study grammar books, take practice tests, use translation programs, and get corrections from native speakers.  Of course, these things can help you! Here are some “holistic” ways to think about grammar, to learn grammar as a whole system, not […]

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Four Kinds of Communication Strategies

In the Super Learner Fluency Course we highlight strategies that successful communicators use, in other words their “communication strategies.” Communication Strategies are conscious “intentions” that speakers use in conversations to assure successful “connection” with the listener. Connection is both a “social” contact with the listener and a “content” transmission to the listener. By focusing on […]

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Grammar Self-Study

Regular grammar study is important for improvement – for increasing your proficiency level! And actually for increasing your joy of knowing the new language!! There are many ways to study grammar. In the Super Learner Fluency course we use paraphrase: saying the same idea with a different grammar structure. Each module in the Super Learner […]

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5 Strategies to Improve your Speaking-Interview Score

One important test for most English learners is the interview speaking test. Nerve wracking!! An interviewer sits on one side of the table and “fires questions” at you.  You know the interviewer is evaluating your grammar, your vocabulary, your pronunciation, your fluency, your whole English ability! ….Arrghhh!   So much stress! It’s hard to do your best […]

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