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Listening is your Super Power. Lingual Net provides current resources to help you learn to listen better! If you learn to listen better, you will learn faster and remember more!

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Music is a great teacher!

Listen to songs and follow the words. Memorize the lyrics and sing along!

TV & Film

Films and TV programs are a wonderful resource for learning. Choose some films and programs you like – or explore randomly!

Watch at least 2 or 3 times.


Games are a fun way to learn. When you’re having fun, you actually learn faster!

Language Learning Tips

Language learning requires a lot of work – but here are some helpful tips.

Virtual Classes

Want to be apart of a class? Here are some online classes that you can take anytime!

Live Classes

Do you need a “live” teacher? Most successful learners need teachers to guide them. Schedule a Zoom session with Linguist Michael Rost today.

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