The Soda Prank

Can I have one more straw I just need a third straw.

Yeah thank you very much.

This one is only half full.

Can you do me a huge favor? This one feels like if its. I guess this one is half full.

This one is half empty. Half empty? You are kidding.

Thank you very much and then this one can I get a refill if I can thank you.

This one is only half full again.

(Laughs) Sorry about that we are all kind of thirsty and I think the bubbles got you on that one.


That’s right.

Ok see you later bye bye.

Hold on hold on one more back up this one is empty.

Back up nobody behind you. The bubble.

Look she doesn’t understand. Is there is something wrong with your machine?

I don’t know what’s going on it seems as if it’s full when you hand them in to me and then.

I don’t know what’s happening. Is it too carbonated or something look.

This one is only half full. Yeah it taste funny.


I just thing the machine is too carbonated or something the bubbles are popping too fast what’s happening in there?

I don’t know it has never happened. This is the first time it has happened.

Are you pranking us are you playing with us.

I thought you were playing with me.


I have never seen this.

What do you have probably coke or something like that. Is coke okay with you guys?

Yeah that’s fine. Okay thank you see how that one is?

Let me see that one taste weird.

Oh my God.

Is it the machine?

Yeah I think it might be the machine.