Quiz - Tomato Soup
1) What is the main flavor of the tomato soup?
(a) spicy-hot
(b) sweet
(c) sour
2) When Tanja says a small food processor is handy, what does she mean?
(a) It’s helpful.
(b) It’s important.
(c) It’s powerful.
3) Which ingredient is NOT in the soup?
(a) nuts
(b) oil
(c) cream
4) What ingredient is NOT in the sauce?
(a) sun-dried tomatoes
(b) vinegar
(c) honey
5) What does Tanja mean when she says raw garlic packs a mean punch?
(a) It’s painful to eat.
(b) It’s expensive.
(c) It has a strong flavor.
6) If an onion is chopped coarsely, how is it cut?
(a) In large pieces
(b) In small pieces
(c) In long, thin strips
7) What is the flavor of shallot?
(a) like a mild tomato
(b) a cross between onion and garlic
(c) hot and spicy
8) When you soak sun-dried tomatoes, what are you doing?
(a) Leaving them to rest in water for a period of time
(b) Blending them in the food processor
(c) Drying them outside
9) What have studies shown about the difference between organic tomatoes and regular tomatoes?
(a) Organic tomatoes contain higher levels of lycopene, a cancer-fighting substance.
(b) More people prefer the flavor of organic tomatoes.
(c) Organic tomatoes have a deeper red color.
10) If you want a milder sauce on your tomato soup, you should add less of which ingredient?
(a) smoked sea salt
(b) sun dried tomatoes
(c) chili flakes