Quiz - Perfections
1) Tommy is a:
(a) junior high school student
(b) high school student
(c) college student
2) How does Tommy feel about his classes?
(a) They're boring.
(b)They're interesting.
(c) They're important.
3) This man is Tommy's:
(a) English teacher
(b) math teacher
(c) history teacher
4) His teacher is annoyed with him because:
(a) He's talking to his friends.
(b) He didn't do his homework.
(c) He's not paying attention.
5) This is probably Tommy's:
(a) chemistry class
(b) biology class
(c) physics class
6) What does his lab partner ask him?
(a) "Are you paying attention?"
(b) "What are thinking about?"
(c) "Are you listening?"
7) Which class is Tommy in now?
(a) history
(b) math
(c) English
8) This teacher says, "If you fail to do this in your homework, expect points to be taken off." What does he mean?
(a)If you don't do this in the homework, he will subtract points from the homework grade.
(b) You will fail the class if you don't do your homework.
(c) If you don't do this in the homework, he will remove you from the class.
9) What is Tommy most interested in?
(a) hanging out with his friends
(b) watching movies
(c) listening to music and dancing
10) This movie is probably called Perfections because:
(a) Tommy is working on perfecting his study skills.
(b) Tommy is the perfect student.
(c) Tommy is trying to perfect his dance skills outside of school.